Optical properties of InAs/InP nanowire heterostructures


This thesis is focused upon the experimental investigation of optical properties of InAs/InP NW heterostructures by means of photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. First, it was demonstrated that the host-substrate may have significant impacts on the optical properties of pure InP NWs, as due to the strain, created by the difference in the thermal expansion coefficients of the NWs and the host-substrate, as due to some other surface effects. Next, the optical properties of such nanowire heterostructures as quantum rod (QRod) and radial quantum well (QWell) NWs were investigated. The features of obtained spectra were explained using theoretical simulation of similar NW heterostructures. The polarization properties of single InP NWs, InAs/InP QWell-NWs, InAs/InP QRod-NWs and ensemble of the InAs well ordered NWs were studied at different temperatures. Further, we report on the evidences of the strain-induced piezoelectric field in WZ InAs/InP QRod-NWs. Finally, PL QE of NW heterostructures and their planar analogues are measured by means of a PL setup coupled to an integrating sphere. In general, the obtained knowledge of the optical and mechanical properties of pure InP NWs and InAs/InP NW heterostructures will improve understanding of the electrical and mechanical processes taking place in semiconductor NW heterostructures and will serve for the fabrication of future nanodevice applications.

PhD Thesis in INSA-Lyon (2013)