Roman Anufriev

Roman Anufriev

Project Associate Professor

The University of Tokyo


I’ve graduated from Nanotechnology faculty of Academic University of Russian Academy of Science and moved to France, where I did my PhD in INSA-Lyon on optics of semiconductor nanowires. Next, I’ve been working in Nomura group on phononic crystals and currently, I am a project associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science. My research is focused on phonon and heat transport in nanostructures. Specifically, I study ballistic thermal transport in nanowires, coherent heat conduction in phononic nanostructures, and heat conduction engineering for thermoelectrics.


  • Ballistic heat transport
  • Nanoscale heat conduction
  • Phononic crystals
  • Thermoelectrics
  • Nanowires


  • PhD in Optics, 2013


  • MD in Nanostructures and nanotechnology, 2010

    Academic University of Russian Academy of Science

  • BS in Technical Physics, 2008

    St. Petersburg Politechnical University

Current projects


Ballistic heat conduction in nanowires

Investigation of ballistic conduction of heat in semiconductor nanowires at different temperatures and length scales.

Ray phononics

In this project, I develop a new concept of heat manipulation based on particle properties of phonons"

Pillar-based phononics

Theoretical and experimental studies of heat conduction control using pillar-based phononic crystals.

Nanowire optics

My PhD project about optical properties of nanowires.

Recent papers

Ballistic heat conduction in semiconductor nanowires

In this Perspective article, we review the experimental demonstrations of this phenomenon in nanowires of various materials and sizes and at different temperatures.

Review of coherent phonon and heat transport control in one-dimensional phononic crystals at nanoscale

In this Research Update, we summarize the past decade of theoretical and experimental studies of coherent control of phonon and heat transport in one-dimensional phononic crystals.

Ray phononics: thermal guides, emitters, filters, and shields powered by ballistic phonon transport

We propose an alternative concept of heat manipulation called ray phononics. The concept is based on the particle picture of phonons and their ballistic transport.

Cross-plane thermal conductivity in amorphous Si/SiO2 superlattices

We experimentally study the cross-plane thermal transport in amorphous Si/SiO2 superlattices at room temperature.

Enhanced thermal conduction by surface phonon-polaritons

We experimentally demonstrated the formation of SPhPs on the surface of SiN nanomembranes and subsequent enhancement of heat conduction.