Roman Anufriev

Roman Anufriev

CNRS researcher


I graduated from the Nanotechnology faculty of St. Petersburg Academic University and moved to France, where I did my Ph.D. on optics of semiconductor nanowires at INSA-Lyon. Since 2014, I have been working on thermal physics, first as a postdoc in Nomura group and later project associate professor at the University of Tokyo. Presently, I work as a CNRS researcher at CETHIL. My research is focused on phonon and heat transport in nanostructures. Specifically, I study ballistic thermal conduction in nanowires and phononic crystals for applications in thermoelectrics and microelectronics.



Ballistic heat

Investigation of ballistic conduction of phonons and heat in semiconductors at nanoscale.


Improving the thermoelectric performance of silicon-based devices using nanofabrication.


Theoretical and experimental studies of surface phonon-polaritons

Ray phononics

In this project, I develop a new concept of heat manipulation based on particle properties of phonons"

Wave phononics

Theoretical and experimental studies of coherent heat conduction in phononic crystals.

Nanowire optics

My PhD project about optical properties of quantum dots is nanowires.


Tailoring phonon dispersion of a genetically designed nanophononic metasurface

Using the inverse design approach, we create a two-dimensional phononic metasurface exhibiting a highly anisotropic phonon dispersion.

Harnessing thermal waves for heat pumping

Based on the nonlinear propagation of thermal diffusion waves, we demonstrate the existence of a net heat current even in the absence of a mean temperature gradient.

Anisotropy Reversal of Thermal Conductivity in Silicon Nanowire Networks Driven by Quasi-Ballistic Phonon Transport

Inspired by an oriental wave pattern, we investigate anisotropic in-plane thermal conduction in nanoscale silicon phononic crystals with the thermally dead volume.

Enhanced Far-Field Thermal Radiation through a Polaritonic Waveguide

We experimentally demonstrate the enhancement of the far-field thermal radiation between two nonabsorbent Si microplates coated with energy-absorbent SiO2 nanolayers