Optical polarization properties of InAs/InP quantum dot and quantum rod nanowires


The emission polarization of single InAs/InP quantum dot (QD) and quantum rod (QR) nanowires is investigated at room temperature. Whereas the emission of the QRs is mainly polarized parallel to the nanowire axis, the opposite behavior is observed for the QDs. These optical properties can be explained by a combination of dielectric effects related to the nanowire geometry and to the configuration of the valence band in the nanostructure. A theoretical model and finite difference in time domain calculations are presented to describe the impact of the nanowire and the surroundings on the optical properties of the emitter. Using this model, the intrinsic degree of linear polarization of the two types of emitters is extracted. The strong polarization anisotropies indicate a valence band mixing in the QRs but not in the QDs.

Nanotechnology 26, 395701 (2015)